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Hi, I just joined and thought I would post this info about myself:

1. Mother's Name & Age? I'm Stephanie and I am 21 years old
2. Father's Name & Age? Thomas, 22
3. How long have you two been together? We dated for awhile 3 years back, stayed close and recently just started dating again and talking of getting married when I found out i was pregnant. He's also my brothers best friend, so we have known each other for years.
4. Location? Exeter, a rural area right outside Reading, PA
5. Hobbies? reading, writing, video games, music, scrapbooking, watching sports(football,hockey,gymnastics), Playing tennis & vollyball,drawing, bowling, etc
6. Do you have any other kids? If so how old? no, this is my first child so I'm very excitied but scared
7. Birth or Due Date? so far my EDD is May 16
8. Do you know the sex? no, but we hope to find out soon cause we both want to know so badly lol
9. What names do you have picked out for the baby or thinking of? If its a boy, Thomas Ryan Jr, and if its a girl so far he has agreed to Sarah, my late grandmothers middle name, but we havent picked a middle name yet, Ann is a possiblity tho.
10. What do you like the most about being pregnant? Im very excitied that this baby is a symbol of both of us combined. I cant wait for the first kick, to hear the babys heartbeat etc. I guess right now i just love the feeling of knowing this baby is ours and how much we love him\her already
11. What do you like the least about being pregnant? I have had terrible morning sickness, dizzyness, and I have been so tired. This pregnancy combined with my heart condition makes me worry about the baby but hopefully everything will go just fine. I just have to make sure I keep my BP low.
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