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Yesterday I went for my first appt with my ob.

I still have the same duedate, May 16. Im 11weeks, almost 12 she said. She thinks the baby is measurng bigger due to T being an 10lber when born and how hes 6'5. I am 5'3. Should be interesting to see how big the baby comes out lol.

to see ultrasound and read more than click....

Here's the ultrasound pic

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I was told i have placenta previa. and while i did have some spotting for one day, she said she wont put me on bedrest just yet unless I bleed more. I am not allowed to lift over 20lbs. Clean(specially vacuum),strain myself, I have to rest more and lay down, bowl, etc. and she said to T, if *I* cant even go in there to exam here cause of this, than you cant be in there either. lmao. No sex for T. She said shes mainly worried it will growoutwards on both sides and not move like its supposed to. She said most times it DOES move cause its early on, but that there is cases when it doesnt and to take it easy, if it doesnt move I may be put on bed rest, have to stop working sooner, and not be able to deliver vaginally. Which I want to do but obviously I know I will do whats best for my baby anyhow.

Our baby is VERY active like his\her daddy! let me tell ya, I wouldnt be suprised if it came out kicking a soccerball cause thats what Daddy used to do in school. Kicking and wiggling all over during the ultrasound, with arms flinging around as it twirling LOL. Just seeing T's reaction to the baby and hearing theheartbeat was so special. How he grabbed my hand and leaned forward and looked like WOW. Amazing.

Than when the dr was trying to do the heartbeat in the office she wouldnt only get it for like a second and than the baby would move. so she was trying to do it in a circle to catch him\her but it wasnt happening LOL. She said wow you have one active baby, wait til he\she is one! LOL!

So good news on healthy baby, I just have to take it easy for 8 more weeks til my next ultrasound. I do have a regular appt in 4 weeks too.

Thats about it for my update, I have a longer story on the whole dr's visit in my journal.


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