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Has anyone been diagnosed with SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)? Concerns I have had that my doctor dismissed lead me to search tonight. I have had this strange clicking in my lower back the last 2 days. I found out about SPD in my search and it lists the strange symptoms that I have recently brought to the attention of my doctor which include pains in my thighs and lower back after sleeping, unable to walk when I first wake up due to pain, difficulty lifting one leg at a time, etc. My doctor told me this was just part of my pregnancy but then the clicking started and I found that everything that has been happening falls under SPD. Throughout this pregnancy, my baby has been in varying odd positons mostly breach and this is one of the causes of SPD. How bad can SPD get? I only have 3 weeks and 3 days until my section. I just want to make sure that I do not fall apart before then.
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I've had it with 3 pregnancies. The last two it was awful.

My SPD was really bad and it took months to heal :(
I just don't understand why my doctor didn't bring this up when I told him what was happening. From what I was reading, it is not taken as seriously in the US unlike the UK who has made strides in treatment. I was reading that most US doctors and midwives chalk it up to pregnancy pains and not SPD.
Oh my docs never told me it existed and didn't care that I had it.

When I switched to homebirth my midwife tried to help as much as she could. She sympathised. There wasn't much that could be done but she gave me the tips she knew, asked how I was doing, and helped me with position changes during labor so that I wouldn't make it worse or be in pain.

You can go to a chiropractor and get it adjusted. I hear it relieves the pain for about a week. While it seems expensive, to me it seems worth it.

I don't have it yet this pregnancy (which is odd) but I think it's because I gave my pelvis almost 2 years to heal. I hope it doesn't crop up.