My pussy is hairless...............she's a Sphynx! (jfer76) wrote in babies2006,
My pussy is hairless...............she's a Sphynx!

saw the heartbeat!

Well, we had our first ultrasound last night and we saw the heartbeat! I started to cry I was so happy. I was trying so hard not to let myself get excited about this baby (although I think I was already excited) and now I can finally relax a bit. I read that once you see a heartbeat that your chances of miscarriage drop by like 80-90%. I hope that is true in my case.

Last time we never got this far, having lost the baby less than a week after we found out I was pregnant. It's so nice to be able to breathe a little bit this time. I just hope the progesterone suppositories help me to keep this little baby in my belly where it belongs!

The baby measured perfectly for how far along I am and it was just barely over 1/2 inch long from crown to rump. And I thought this was cool, they told me the baby came from my left ovary. How neat is that, I can know exactly which ovary produced my little embryo! Also, the heartbeat was between 136 and 144 bpm which I guess is perfectly normal. So I was very relieved for all of that.

Unfortunately the next time I get to see my little baby will be in September when I am almost 18weeks, but at least by then I can maybe see the sex!

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