Katie D. McKoy (cuteonekdh) wrote in babies2006,
Katie D. McKoy

Um.....guess who is pregnant?
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And I already have a 9 month old named Zoe who is absolutely precious. I am a bit nervous about the closeness in ages.

1. What's your name? Katie
2. What's your kid(s) name(s)? Zoe
3. When were he/she/they born? 10/26/2004 Atlanta, GA
4. Where are you from? Atlanta, GA
5. What are your hobbies? Computers and reading
6. What is your (your spouse's) job? Programmer and substitute teacher
7. What are your child(ren)'s personality(s) like? Giggly and happy
8. Do your kids look like you and how? She doesn't yet
9. What are some things you learned so far in your 2006 baby's life? uh...I don't think this applys yet
10. What ways have your kid(s) amazed you? Her smile, her resilent attitude, her outlook on life.
11. Got any pictures of the lil squirt? Not yet, but these are Zoe photos: http://www.ferretbox.com/index.php?see=images&dir=Zoe
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