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Hi Guys

I have a few questions hope you dont mind.

my daughter is 10 months old atm she'll be 18 months when this baby is born. now I have been racking my brains about what I should do - I know its still early days but do i buy another cot or will Megan be okay in a single bed if I have the bars all around it? I mean I know the first 6 months this baby will be in thebassinett but I dont know what to do after that - cos cots are so expensive. I know my nephews weren't 3 until they went into single beds.

I have this friend that thinks shes physic (tells the future) - last year justbefore Xmas she said she predicted I'd have a child end of 2006 or begining 2007 and that she'd predicted I'd have twins!! I wasn't planning on trying for another baby until mid 2006 - So when I found out I was preggars last week I was so shocked - and my Mum says am showing already I have put on 4 kgs so I am abit scared that it might be TWINS arrgghhhh. Can't find out until am 3 months dammit.
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